Thursday, November 19, 2020

Today's News Nuggets

*Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently admitted that the coronavirus pandemic was providing an “opportunity” for globalists to usher in the Great Reset and the 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development, originally known as Agenda 21. This is a plan to rob developed Western nations of wealth and hand it to less developed nations often led by corrupt dictators, while necessarily abridging the freedoms of those in the formerly successful Western nations. Sheeple, it might be time to let your elected officials and swamp-dwelling bureaucrats know that you aren’t okay with this.

*Islington, England, Police halted a baptism—yes, a baptism-- service after roughly 30 worshippers gathered in contravention of national lockdown restrictions. Regan King, lead pastor at The Angel Church, dared to defend his decision to hold the service, saying it served "the greater good". After officers halted the service, Pastor King agreed to hold a brief “socially distanced outdoor gathering in the church’s courtyard…while four officers stood at the courtyard’s entrance to prevent people from entering. Weddings and baptisms are currently outlawed in formerly Jolly Old England, meaning, I guess, that only outlaws get married or baptized. The government does graciously allow funerals, though they can only be attended by a maximum of 30 people. Let’s hope you don’t have a large family or many close friends.

*In Minnesota, for the next four weeks (at least), Gov. Walz has decreed that social gatherings can only consist of a maximum of 10 people from one household, including the host. That will make for a nice Thanksgiving. What does the minimum consist of? Yourself? Killing your family proactively? Walz also put the kibosh on youth sports-- and shut down bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and fitness clubs, thereby sentencing untold thousands to destitution, depression, and obesity. At least Minnesotans can be thankful that he hasn’t mandated that husbands and wives sleep in separate rooms. Oh, and he hasn’t abolished Christmas…yet.

*Meanwhile…The Parole Board of Canada is allowing Carlos Larmond, a convicted ISIS terrorist living in Calgary, to go skiing with his new girlfriend in the mountains this winter. Larmond, Part of an Ottawa extremist group, was arrested in Montreal in January 2015 as he was leaving for Syria to join ISIS along with his twin brother, Ashton. He was jailed for seven years shortly thereafter. Oh, and he was also convicted of threatening to kill a corrections officer while in pretrial custody. Less than a year ago, the Parole Board ordered Larmond, 29, to live at a half-way house in Calgary because he was deemed dangerous and posed an “undue risk to society.” Now, however, the self-same Parole Board sympathetically noted that Larmond had “developed a new relationship,” and was engaged to be married following several visits with his girlfriend. According to a copy of the decision, the Board added, of Larmond, “You have indicated a desire to spend more time with her on her next visit, and also to perhaps do some skiing in the mountains this winter.” Perhaps. Or maybe they will even snowboard or snow-tube! Calgary, too, is under a general COVID-19 lockdown. Unless, apparently, you are a horny terrorist who has snowed the local authorities.


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