Monday, November 9, 2020

Media Declares Biden Winner Of 2024 Presidential Election


Media Declares Biden Winner of 2024 Presidential Election

Virtually all important media outlets have now called the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election for Joe Biden. Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott said, “Look, deep down we realize that we can’t actually determine the outcome of a national election, as that is up to the Electoral College on Dec. 14th and subject to certification on Dec. 23rd, but it’s going really well so far. Most people—and even institutions-- haven’t really questioned us concerning our 2020 call for Biden, so we thought, ‘what the hey, right?’ I mean, most people don’t have much patience or attention span anyway, and they like things resolved quickly, one way or another.” NBCUniversal News Group Chairman Cesar Conde added, “And, frankly, we just like Biden’s policies better than any jack-booted, Christianity-besotted Republican’s. So there!”

Several potential 2024 Republican candidates subsequently issued statements saying they were in the process of determining whether they would honor the media’s early call or risk facing sharp attacks from progressives if they were to contest the decision. As Jeb Bush noted, “No one likes to be branded a ‘fascist democracy-hater.’”

Scott stated that, in the interests of “probity and an abundance of caution,” no major news outlet has yet called the 2028 election.


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