Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Thanksgiving Day Message From Your Governor/Mayor

   A Heartfelt Message From Your Governor/Mayor:  

       Happy Thanksgiving to everyone around the fruited plain! I know things are a little tough these days, what with the pandemic and all, but let's hope your turkey isn't tough, haha. Make sure to follow the mandates your betters   beloved leaders have laid out for you! If, for some reason, you feel you must observe Thanksgiving, do so only with the members of your own household, assuming there are six or fewer of them. Also, you must only gather outdoors. Sorry to those of you in northern climes! And you must maintain proper social distancing even then. (Unless you yourself are a beloved leader, in which case you can do whatever the hell you want.) And, most importantly, remember to pull down your facial mask only when taking a bite of food. You must then immediately pull the mask back over your mouth to finish chewing! Repeat as necessary! If you don't take these precautions...stick a fork in and your family are as good as dead! And, this goes without saying, there is to be absolutely no traveling this holiday season! Well, gotta run. I have to hop a plane to Houston to see my family! So, again, happy Thanksgiving!


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