Friday, November 20, 2020

Authoritarian Politicians To Keep Americans Locked Down?


 Indiana University Health recently announced that it will bravely stand “against racism, injustice, and inaction.”  (Somebody has to! And a university, at that! The rest of us are all for inaction, injustice and racism!) IU’s health system has vowed to view and fight racism as a “public health crisis.” It will join two other Indianapolis hospital networks in essentially treating racism as if it were a disease. The three hospitals issued a joint statement claiming that systemic racism in the healthcare industry can lead to less desirable outcomes among minority communities. Ergo, the institutions vow to be “focused on improving access to care and eliminating racial biases that contribute to poor health outcomes.”

Apart from the fact that the only systemic racism in America today is that universally and incessantly directed at white people and their supposed (and assumedly “systemic”) “privilege,” treating racism of any form as a health crisis is just another way of allowing government to dictate every aspect of our lives. “Health experts” and progressives are labeling more and more things as “public health crises” every day. If the COVID-19 pandemic ever goes away, the “systemic racism public health crisis” can seamlessly take its place. Rampant homelessness is waiting in the wings, too. As are depression, alcoholism, opioid abuse and heart disease. Add to those the clear public health threats of Lyme Disease, incontinence, the heartbreak of psoriasis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Dupuytren’s Contracture, and the New Totalitarians will have an endless number of excuses for an endless number of new laws, requirements, and mandates. In light of these terrible “public health crises,” lockdowns and mail-in voting will become as inescapable and eternal as death and taxes.

Welcome to the Grand Illusion. We’ve all been duped. COVID-1984, though very real, was also an excuse, a prelude to the nearly nationwide lockdown(s). The intense and unrelenting campaign of terror conducted by the government and media surrounding the coronavirus soon morphed into the equally intense and unrelenting drive to get all of us to vote by mail. Which, in turn, allowed an election to be stolen.

Sickeningly, the “elites” in positions of influence and power knew how this was going to play out all along. Because they planned it. If you think they truly, deeply care about the health of people of color-- or that of the deplorable chumps in flyover country-- you are sadly mistaken. The new serfdom awaits us all.

“Public health crisis?” Systemic corruption and cheating by the Deep State to steal an election clearly constitutes a “public health crisis” of the highest order. And it is one from which the republic is unlikely to recover.





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