Sunday, November 29, 2020

Biden-Harris Era "Logic"


Biden-Harris Era “Logic” (An Update Of An Old Post Of Mine):


Bad/Non-Essential:                          Good/Essential:

Christian Churches                            Abortion Clinics

Restaurants, Exercise Clubs              Marijuana Dispensaries, Strip Clubs

Main Street                                        Wall Street

Small Businesses                               Big Tech, Big Businesses

Bigger People                                    Bigger Government

Thanksgiving                                    Anger/Entitlement

Small Family Gatherings                  Massive Violent Demonstrations

Truth-Telling                                     Hoax-Peddling

Intolerance                         Intolerance Of Those Deemed Intolerant By The Tolerant

Discrimination Against Minorities       Discrimination Against The Majority

The Founders                                   Antifa, BLM

Capitalism                                        Socialism

 Song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside     Song, “W.A.P.” (Wet-Ass Pussy)

America First                                   Any Other Country First

President Trump                              Chinese Communist Party

“MAGA”                                         “America Was Never That Great”

1776                                                 The 1619 Project

Invasive Species                              Illegal Aliens

Free Speech                                     Penalties For “Misgendering” Someone

Desegregation To Fight Racism      Resegregation To Fight Racism

Reality                                             Virtual Reality

Smoking Cigarettes                         Smoking Pot

Morality                                           Immorality

Pants                                                Facial Masks

Individualism                                  Group Think

Logic                                               Indoctrination


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