Saturday, November 21, 2020

Better Place Forests: A Natural Alternative To Cemeteries!


              Feeling a little peaked? Stressed out by the ongoing pandemic and the post-election news? Not to worry, a better place awaits. Better Place Forests and Conservation Memorial to be precise. BPFCM offers a natural alternative to stuffy old cemeteries. As its ad states, when you expire, “your ashes are placed beneath a private tree in a peaceful forest where your loved ones can visit and remember you.” (So can birds, deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc.!) What’s more, you can “continue the cycle of life when your ashes are mixed with soil and returned to the base of your tree.” (You can hug a tree even in death!) And, “Your forest steward will help shape a memorial ceremony that reflects your unique personality.” (Conifer or broadleaf? Elm, oak, white pine, Aspen, Hazelnut…?) But wait, that’s not all! “Your memorial helps conserve open spaces and [to] reforest America.” (Because you’re fertilizer.) “See why thousands have chosen trees, not tombstones.”

              One question: If your ashes fall in a forest and you’re not alive to hear it, do they make a sound?

              For your edification, Better Place Forests is located in the St. Croix Valley, in Scandia, Minnesota, just east of the Twin Cities.

              So, are you still worried about the pandemic? Not out of the woods yet? Make your final arrangements with Better Place Forests and you never will be.

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