Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tolerance And Abortion

            Progressives always say, “we must be inclusive.” Then they say, “abortion is a right.”

They say, “We must be welcoming to those that are different from us.” Then they say, “abortion is health care.” They say, “We must take care of the most vulnerable in society or what does it say about us?” Then they say, “If a baby survives an abortion attempt, we’ll leave it up to the mother—with possible input from the father-- to decide if it should be allowed to live.”
They say: “Republicans want to ruin health care. Kill babies! Republicans want to throw your grandmother off a cliff. Kill babies! Republicans want dirty air and water. Kill babies! Republicans want to lynch people of color. Kill babies! Where is the civility? Kill babies! Republicans are mean-spirited. Kill babies! Capitalists are cruel. Kill babies! There is no difference between men and women. Kill babies! There are 63 genders. Kill babies! Fracking kills! Kill babies! Climate change is real, man-caused and dangerous. Kill babies! Trump separates children from their parents at our southern border…that’s sick! Kill babies!! Columbus disrupted Native American lives. Kill babies! Cigarettes can cause cancer. Kill babies! We have to protect our kids from tobacco! Kill babies! (And legalize marijuana)! Wear your seat belt. Kill babies! Get plenty of exercise, eat your vegetables and get a good night’s sleep. And kill babies! Make sure your young ones wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Kill babies! Tell your kids not to accept candy from strangers. Kill babies! Don’t let your children grow up to be cowboys. Kill babies! Don’t smoke during your pregnancy. Kill babies! Don’t drink when you’re nursing. Kill babies!”

There you have it: inclusive, welcoming and tolerant…abortion. I know, right?

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