Tuesday, August 20, 2019

(Poison) Ivy League Professor Savages Trump

                Steve Cohen, Columbia University professor and Senior Vice Dean of Professional Studies, recently wrote an article savaging President Trump for allegedly being an “anti-environmental” source. The piece, titled “Resisting Trump’s Relentless Attack on the Environment,” was published on the school’s official website as part of the Columbia Earth Institute’s news publication, “State of the Planet,” according to campusreform.org. Campus Reform states that the publication has no opinion section and that the piece is in no way represented as being editorial or opinion-based in nature.
                Which is amusing in that it refers to the president as “the mean and small-minded man in the White House,” and focuses on the need to “resist” the president’s agenda. Cohen is aghast—aghast I tell you!-- that Trump “sees the natural environment as a resource to exploit.” He claims Trump has a mindset of “Dig it, mine it, pump it, turn it into condos and a golf course,” which he characterizes as “macho and moronic.”
                Yet Cohen, learned academician that he is, then states: “The environmental rules that Trump attacks will outlast him because we are all living creatures dependent on the planet for the air, water and food.” Air, water and food? Those are all resources each of us must exploit to survive, something the hypocritical moron obviously failed to recognize.  
                Cohen continued, saying the president “separates children from parents,” and labeling Trump’s actions a “disheartening and sometimes scary display of mindlessness,” while admitting he is “still supported by about 40% of the country.” He added, “I have resisted directly attacking the president until recently, as the polling data indicates there is a broad American consensus favoring environmental protection.” And I thought he had the courage of his convictions.
                It is amazing how those in academia and science join those in the mainstream media in portraying themselves as unbiased pillars of truth and objectivity, simply laying out the facts for the rest of us to internalize, while mocking Trump for his mean tweets and exaggerations. Yet, they nearly always reveal themselves to be nothing more than charlatans, agenda-driven hucksters and authoritarian ideologues with comments like Cohen’s.
                Cohen—and those like him in the elite establishment—are apparently unaware of their own lunacy, hubris and hypocrisy when they make statements such as: “President Trump, who any sane person can clearly see is crazy, is desperate to destroy the planet’s ecosystem(s). The Zionist-coddling, fast-food-loving sleazebag with the itty-bitty penis wants to bring back slavery and exterminate gays and lesbians while essentially turning the United States into a giant Monopoly board. President Poopy Pants is not only against women’s health, but also the health of our planet. He will not be truly—and demonically—happy until life on Earth ceases to exist.”

                 It is time to resist the left’s relentless attacks on standards and logic.

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