Tuesday, August 27, 2019

CNN's "Reliable Sources" Guest Says Trump Worse Than Hitler, Stalin, Mao

                Dr. Allen Frances, the former chief of the Duke University Psychiatry Department, recently appeared on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter. Bandy Lee, Yale’s resident psychiatrist-- and token Asian-- appeared on the same show, attempting to make the case that President Trump is mentally ill and unfit for the presidency, but Dr. Frances stole the show. He said that “medicalizing” politics has very dire consequences, among them the stigmatization of the mentally ill. He added: “I’ve known thousands of patients, almost all of them are well-behaved, well-mannered, good people. Trump is none of these.” He further stated that simply lumping Trump into the mentally ill category is a terrible insult to the mentally ill themselves, who, he noted, “have enough problems and stigma as it is.”
                Just warming up now, Dr. Frank opined: “Second, calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we’re crazy for having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist.” Which means we are well-behaved, well-mannered, good people by the definition/testimony you just gave, doesn’t it, dumb ass?
                He ranted on, saying: “It’s crazy for us to be destroying the climate our children will live in. It’s crazy to be giving tax cuts to the rich that will add trillions of dollars to the debt our children will have to pay. It’s crazy to be destroying democracy by claiming that the press and the courts are the enemy of the people.” Stelter remained silent.
                Then Frances said: “Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin and Mao were in the last century. He may be responsible for many million more deaths than they were.” The latter three presided over the deliberate slaughter of 100 million souls. Dr. Frances himself is certifiable. A raging lunatic who should be prostrate on a couch pleading for help. Stelter remained silent. (He later claimed he didn’t hear Frances’ comments due to technical difficulties).
                 If one Googles “Reliable Sources,” one will come across the following description of the show: “Examines the media world—telling the story behind the story—how news and pop culture get made. Discussions revolve around media fairness and objectivity, with panels consisting of journalists from top television, digital and print news organizations. Regularly featured special one-on-one interviews with major media figures are also part of the Sunday morning show.” (Emphases mine).
                “Reliable Sources?” Ironic. “Re-Lie-able Sources” would be more like it. Can’t understand why the mainstream media has lost credibility with the American people. Hitler’s rants were no less objective than the insane attestations of “Dr.” Frances.
                Yet, in the interest of tolerance, good faith, and charity, I hereby post the scheduled topics for “Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter” for the coming months. (Viewers advised: topics subject to change without notice depending on current events):

                September 8: Did the Mayans build Manhattan?; Hitler was a Jew; The United States was behind the Crusades

                September 15: Earth flat after all!; Nixon funded “Killing Fields”; There will be no ice left on planet Earth by 2024 unless Democrat elected president

                September 22: World War II Japanese kamikaze attacks all a U.S. hoax; Ted Cruz a closet Satanist; Trump considered nuking Canada

                September 29: Acne getting more prevalent and worse due to man-caused global warming; Pence is pangender!; Trump to use nuclear weapons on Greenland if Denmark refuses to sell to U.S.

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