Wednesday, August 7, 2019

El Paso Versus Dayton: A Tale Of Two Tragedies

                Leftists apparently believe there are good mass murders and bad mass murders. Perhaps even good mass murderers and bad mass murderers. How can I make such a sick suggestion?  Easy. Just look at the difference in coverage the two recent heinous tragedies have received from the mainstream (fake) media. The El Paso shooting has been given wall-to-wall, around-the-clock coverage, the perpetrator’s background and motives discussed ad nauseum. The Dayton disaster is primarily given play as regards the necessity of gun control in an America made violent almost solely by President Donald Trump, the shooter’s background and motives glossed over. So, if this is the case, how do progressives differentiate between them? Also easy. “Good” tragedies, those worthy of continuous airplay and thorough explanation, are those that are politically useful to them, whereas “bad” ones are those that tend to discredit their talking points.
              The El Paso madman was apparently looking for Mexicans to shoot, and, despite the fact that he explicitly stated Trump had nothing to do with his sick agenda, was easily thrust into the “violent, white, right-wing extremist” mold. The Dayton madman was apparently a leftist himself, and, ironically, a believer in gun control. Ergo, El Paso tragedy good, Dayton calamity not so good. The former is emphasized, the latter de-emphasized.

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