Friday, August 30, 2019

When The Music's Over

               The left distorts or destroys everything it comes across. Art, history, the un-woke. Even concepts such as truth…… or fun.
                I was thinking of this the other day while listening to songs by the Beach Boys and yearning for a more innocent time in America. It is well-nigh impossible to listen to a Beach Boys song and not feel energized and uplifted, feet or hands keeping time with the joyous, bouncy beat. But this is not how a True Believer of leftist dogma feels or thinks of the music. Or anything else. Grievance-mongers of the Politically Correct School of Perpetual Offense profoundly disagree with the classical view of the arts as being a creative endeavor to celebrate and elevate the human condition. Indeed, they see “art” as a way to denigrate and dismantle such traditional notions by “pushing the envelope,” shocking and repulsing those exposed to it, that they may see things in a different, if perverted, light.
                Progressives see “Beach Boys” and think: “Beach Boys? Why not girls? Or, better yet, the genderfluid? Also, we’re steadily losing our beaches due to the melting glaciers caused by man-induced global warming and climate change. Very insensitive. Is it really just a coincidence that beach rhymes with ‘bleach,’ a term for whitening things? And with ‘breech,’ which is part of a gun?!! OMG, this is all a dog-whistle, a call for arming masculine white supremacists!!! Their music should be banned and all references to the group permanently expunged from history! Triggering! Triggering! Where’s the nearest ‘safe space?!’ I’ve been traumatized!”
                Even a cursory glance at the lyrics to Beach Boys songs would send an entitled leftist snowflake into paroxysms of fear and loathing:

                “We always take my car ‘cuz it’s never been beat
                And we’ve never missed yet with the girls we meet
                None of the guys go steady ‘cuz it wouldn’t be right
                To leave their best girl home on a Saturday night”

    “Seriously? Talk about ableist and sexist! ‘Never been beat?’ Good for you. ‘Best’ girl? What about the not so good ones, or the differently-gendered such as the genderqueer, the Two-Spirited or the non-binary?
    “Even the group’s song titles are problematic at best. ‘Barbara Ann?’ Wouldn’t it have been more inclusive to have called that song ‘Barbara Dan?’ And ‘Good Vibrations?’ Really? This group was from Southern California? Hello?! Earthquakes are common in California! Those vibrations are not ‘good,’ insensitive louts! 
    “And, what’s with all the songs about cars? Wasn’t the group aware of the damage car’s emissions inflict on our Mother Earth? We must ban the internal combustion engine! And music by the likes of the Beach Boys and Lynyrd Skynyrd! (‘Sweet Home Alabama?’ Could they be more in-your-face? A hex on the deplorable red necks).  

                “Surfing, cruising, dating, fun…freedom. Who gave them those rights?

    “Fortunately, their time has passed. That era is gone.

    “It’s all fun, fun, fun until we come and take your freedoms—and Freebirds—away!"

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