Saturday, August 10, 2019

Russian Nuclear Accident Obfuscated

                Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear agency, recently admitted that five of its staff members were killed in an accident during tests involving engineering and technical support of new isotope power sources of a liquid propulsion system, according to a Rosatom statement. The tragedy occurred on a military site in northern Russia, near Arkhangelsk. No details were given.
                It had previously been reported that a liquid propellant rocket engine blew up, forcing authorities to close part of a bay in the white Sea to shipping and causing a spike in radiation levels in a nearby city. Regional media outlets have also reported that local residents have been stocking up on iodine, a substance used to lessen the effects of radiation exposure.
                As is typical, Russia’s Ministry of Defense was close-mouthed about the incident. In a brief statement released only after the story got out, the ministry said: “Nothing to see here. Is fake news.”
    A member of the general staff, on condition of anonymity, replied to a Western reporter’s question about the incident by saying, “Was only minor accident. How you say? A nuclear ‘boo-boo’ so-to-speak. Glowing? What glowing? Oh, that glowing. Is radiance of supremely happy Soviet citizens, basking happily in free and prosperous nation led by our Dear Leader esteemed President Vladimir Putin. Sorry, but I must go now. Do svidaniya!”

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