Sunday, August 11, 2019

Biden Grabs Girl After Gender Question

            An Iowa college student, a field staffer for Turning Point USA, asked former vice-president Joe Biden a simple question at the Iowa State Fair last week. The question? “How many genders are there?” Biden replied, “Pardon me?” and the young lady asked again. The front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination answered, “There are (at least) three.” The student then asked him, “What are they?” This prompted a now frustrated Biden to issue a mild threat. He exclaimed, “Don’t play games with me, kid,” and proceeded to reach out and grab her by the arm in front of numerous onlookers. He then added, “By the way, the first to come out for marriage was me.”
The gaffe riot continues. At some point, there should be a “Best of Biden Gaffes” CD and/or DVD available for sale to the general public. Maybe he could use the proceeds to fund his campaign.  
            Three genders? Masculine, feminine and… neuter? Sleepy Joe apparently was aroused by the young lady’s question, but he shouldn’t have grabbed her arm. At least he didn’t come up behind her and sniff her hair.
He was “the first to come out for marriage?” This is doubtful at best, since, as old as Biden is, marriage has been around for at least 700 years, and likely much longer than that. If he was speaking specifically of gay marriage, that “institution” in no way necessitates a third gender.
As big a lead as Biden apparently still has in the polls, it does not appear likely to this reporter that he will yet prove successful in his quest to become gaffer-in-chief.

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