Friday, May 31, 2019

"Progressives" Traditionally, Conventionally Pushing The Radical Envelope

                The left lives to “push the envelope.” To Hollywood, the media and Big Academia, there are apparently at least five main envelopes in need of pushing. LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, disdain for the rubes in fly-over country, attacking free-market capitalism and hatred of Christianity.
                Surely there must be many more envelopes out there to be pushed. Why cling to this conservative, traditional, hum-drum, ho-hum, narrow-minded, envelope-pushing? Why get bogged down in the status quo? Why push the same envelopes all your peers are pushing? Why push the very same tired envelopes your parents did? Why not be original, cutting-edge, even outrĂ©? Dare I say courageous?
                If people truly wanted to be bold, progressive and counter-cultural they could stand up and testify that climate change is a hoax at worst and unproven at best. So what if they were deemed a “Denier” or threatened with prison time. If they wished to take a stand that matters, they could say that radical Islam is a world-wide problem. If they wanted to “stick it to the man,” they could state that men who identify as women…aren’t necessarily women. If they wanted to “keep it real” they would aver that abortion isn’t “women’s health care,” but simply infanticide aided by a slick public-relations campaign. Dilly, dilly!
                If they wished to be seen as genuine, they could admit that, though Trump has veracity and character issues, he is a saint compared to either Bill or Hillary Clinton. And many others on the left. If they wanted to appear learned and open-minded, they could declare—unequivocally—that, on balance, the Founders were the Greatest Generation…and built the world anew, setting it on a course of previously unknown prosperity and liberation. They could refute the notion that The Church of Satan and Judeo-Christianity have equal claim to the public square.
                They could admit the obvious and say that capitalism has historically been more beneficial to society than Socialism. The cheekiest among them could even say that the West has nothing to apologize for and in fact is responsible for most of the advances from which this world has benefitted.
                To which I’d add: “Hey, hey, ho, ho…Western culture doesn’t blow.” (If you’re honest, this you’d know).

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