Thursday, May 23, 2019

Unisex Bathrooms Making U.K. Girls Uncomfortable

                Many girls in United Kingdom schools are refusing to use unisex bathrooms because they fear “period shaming” and general harassment from boys. You don’t say? Who woulda thunk it? Anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex.
                Unisex “loos,” as the British call them, were established because progressive activists deemed separate-sex restrooms “not inclusive” enough to transgender students.
                One parent told The Daily Mail that “boys are always speculating on whether girls are having their periods according to how long they take in the toilet.” The feminist group Women’s Voices Wales aver that the “safety and dignity” of all girls in these schools is being neglected. The group says that students, parents and staff are often too embarrassed to complain about the unisex bathrooms and is calling for a policy reviewal. The group’s spokesperson told the newspaper that no schoolgirl should have to avoid school or stop drinking water so they don’t have to use the restrooms. She added that girls cannot “hold periods in.”
                Many transgendered people consider the term “unisex” to be “exclusive” of those who do not identify as either male or female and say it makes them feel “uncomfortable.” This is odd since the reason for unisex bathrooms is to be accommodating… of both sexes. Unisex refers to things that are not sex-specific and that are suitable for any sex. It is another term for gender-blindness.
                Unisex definition: 1) the state or condition of not being distinguishable (as by hair or clothing) as to sex. 2) Not distinguishable as male or female. 3) Suitable or designed for both males and females.
                If this isn’t inclusive, broad, or vague enough for them too bad.
                A tiny percentage of the population has somehow successfully forced its demands for open bathrooms and locker rooms on the vast majority by claiming that “everyone should feel included, welcomed, safe and comfortable.”
                This is the opposite of what’s happening. This is one time I agree with the feminists. The vast majority of girls and women shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable about their body’s sex-specific functions to please a confused, aggressive few.


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