Sunday, May 19, 2019

Speaker Pelosi Denies Denying Border "Crisis"

Democrats have routinely said that there is no “crisis” on the U.S.’s border with Mexico. They have routinely said that President Trump is overstating the issue at the border in order to scare Americans into supporting a wall. To Democrats, the issue is simple: countless numbers of people show up at our southern border. Let them into the country. They end up voting for them. No crisis!
House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was asked at a recent weekly press briefing if Democrats are now willing to admit there is an actual crisis at the border. She replied: “Well, let me just say this. We have never not said that there was a crisis. There is a humanitarian crisis at the border, and some of it provoked by the actions taken by the Administration. And I will just quote our friends from the Evangelical community when they came in and testified in the last Congress in one of our rump hearings, because the Republicans wouldn’t have the hearing.”
Democrats “have never not said that there was a crisis?” Pelosi posted the following statement on February 6th. It is still on her website: “It will take days to fact-check all the misrepresentations that the President made tonight. Instead of fear-mongering and manufacturing a crisis at the border, President Trump should commit to signing the bipartisan conference committee’s bill to keep government open and provide strong, smart border security solutions.” You manufacture a crisis when one doesn’t already exist.
             She added:  “We’ve always said that it gets to be more of a humanitarian crisis the more that Republicans – the Administration, I won’t paint all the Republicans with this – the more the Administration acts in the shameful way, not consistent with our faith, with our beliefs that every person has dignity and worth, that every person has a spark of divinity within them that we need to respect, and that we have that spark of divinity that we need to act upon.”
Every person has a “spark of divinity” within them? Well, unless that person is small and hasn’t made it out of the womb yet, apparently. Democrats obviously don’t believe small, innocent people have dignity and worth, or they wouldn’t constantly demand the “right” to kill them at will.
And yet they have the staggering effrontery to claim those in the Evangelical community are their “friends.”
Republicans wouldn’t have a “rump” hearing on the “manufactured” border crisis? Speaker Pelosi doesn’t need their help in that regard. She is the biggest “rump” in any hearing. Many would testify to that.

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