Thursday, May 30, 2019


            There is irrational…and then there is clinically insane. And then there is bat-shit crazy. And then there is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). AOC, who is demonstrably not A-OK, recently tweeted: “To the GOP extremists trying to invoke the unborn’ to jail people for abortion: Where are you on climate change? OH right, you want to burn fossil fuels til there’s hell on Earth. If they were truthful about their motives, they’d be consistent in their principles. They’re not.”
 She added: “What angers me about the GOP’s attempts to turn the United States into a far-right Christian theocracy is how dishonest they are about it. At least be forthright about your desire to subvert and dismantle our democracy into a creepy theological order led by a mad king.”
Still not satisfied with the preposterousness of her statements, she blathered: “The GOP doesn’t care about babies at all - especially brown, black, or poor ones. If they did, they’d: - cosponsor the Green New Deal or at LEAST have a real climate plan - guarantee healthcare so ALL can get prenatal care - not stand for the death+caging of babies on our border.”
AOC thinks it is “extreme” to protect the life of babies still in the womb? (Or maybe those outside the womb for a relatively short period of time). And she is convinced Republicans are fervently hoping to create a “hell on Earth?” Is she unaware that Republicans dwell here, too? She’s a big fan of abortion on demand but is worried about the health of babies coming across our border? Her idea of “prenatal care” is to guarantee the “right” of the mother to extinguish the life of her baby, yet she is aghast that Republicans won’t back a bill that would necessarily impoverish countless millions and condemn untold numbers of children to needless hardship? What was that about being consistent in one’s principles, Rep. Occasional-Cortex?
If the GOP is attempting to turn the U.S. into a “far-right Christian theocracy” headed by a “creepy theological order led by a mad king,” it has failed miserably. A lower percentage of Americans than ever before identify as Christians. Gay marriage is nearly universally accepted. The transgendered are winning legal battles and claiming bathroom rights around the fruited plain. Christian churches are being shuttered as Mosques are being built. Etc., etc.
AOC’s staggering ignorance and/or hypocrisy shines brightest in her remark that “The GOP doesn’t care about babies at all - especially brown, black, or poor ones.” Yes, that is clear from its attempts to keep them from being exterminated. The vast majority of babies aborted are “persons of color,” from poor parents, females, or some combination of these.
It is the Democratic Party that doesn’t care about babies at all—especially the brown, black or poor ones. If they did, they’d cosponsor anti-abortion legislation or at least have a real abortion plan.

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