Monday, April 1, 2019

French Cattle Dying From "Sustainable" Energy

                French cattle farmers say their animals are dying from exposure to electricity generated by nearby wind turbines and solar panels. They claim that deadly voltage levels are essentially electrocuting their stock through ground and water sources.
                After their herds started experiencing weight loss and death that veterinarians couldn’t explain, the cattlemen ran tests on their land and determined that electrical currents from nearby wind turbines and solar panels were exposing their cows to energy at levels “three times the accepted threshold for animals,” according to The Daily Mail.
                Some farmers have lost hundreds of animals in recent years, losses that they attribute to the proliferation of antennas, transformers and turbines in the area. One farmer told Le Progr├Ęs: “When there are power spikes, some cows gather in one corner, others start to limp, calves that felt good the day before, die.”
                Experts say that cattle are much more vulnerable to electrical currents than people, noting that the human body has an electrical resistance of 1,500 ohms, while those of cows have a resistance of only 500 ohms. Moreover, cows have four feet on the ground, not two, and, of course, are not separated from the ground by rubber soles unlike most humans.
                Many have documented the extent to which wind turbines act as bird dicers. By some estimates, Big Wind kills over half a million birds—including over 80,000 falcons, hawks and eagles—each year in the United States alone. Yet, supporters of this so-called ‘sustainable” energy don’t give a rat’s—or a cow’s—ass about that fact.
   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow Green New Dealers probably think this news from France is good—a “twofer,” even. Non-fossil-fuel energy being produced while knocking back the cow population…and therefore reducing the number of cow farts! Yay! That seems a bit heavy-handed and macabre, but, what the hell.
   The bird, bovine—and baby—slaughter is just a necessary part of progressive’s noble and righteous attempt to save the planet, right?

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