Friday, April 26, 2019

College Of Science Says No Science Needed For Transgender, Non-Binary Identities

                The College of Natural Science’s Council on Diversity and Community at Michigan State University (CNSCDCMSU?) recently sent out an email urging students to use the singular pronoun “they” when referring to……anyone……reports Campus Reform. The email was titled “Increasing transgender visibility on campus,” and asked students to “reflect on how visibility of minoritized groups is essential to changing our campus culture.” Minoritized? Is that a word? Apparently it is now, so I will use it correctly in a sentence. Christians and conservatives have been minoritized on nearly every college campus in America. They are routinely ostracized and prohibited from speaking.
                The email included links to LGBT resource centers and guides to transphobia, hosting queer inclusive workshops, inviting “transgender and gender-diverse scientists” to said workshops, and more. It also featured a primer on how to “learn about and start using the singular they.” The singular “they?” And, remarkably, it stated: “No science is needed to support transgender and non-binary identities. It is simply a matter of affirming their experiences.” Why would a college of science require scientific evidence to support otherwise self-evidently preposterous claims? I say I am Democritus and that the Earth is flat. And, might I add, no science is needed to support my identity or my claim. Just affirm my experiences. Or else!
                One would reasonably assume that things couldn’t get much more ridiculous than this, but one would be wrong.
                One of the sites MSU linked to contains an interactive page called “I [love] the singular they,” which argues that the singular “they” is “neutral,” “easy,” “inclusive,” and “classy.” I beg to differ. Using the same “logic” as the site employs, the singular “they” would be “neutrally biased,” “easily difficult,” “inclusively exclusionary,” and “tackily classy.” Yet, it claims that “Writing with non-gender-neutral pronouns is a serious pain,” causing some to “rack their brain.” It claims that “Some stick with a particular pronoun for one paragraph or chapter, then swap out the one they’re using; others alternate ‘he’ and ‘she’ by sentence, or use a plural adapter, but that all sounds confusing.” By contrast, it states “they” is a “metaphorical blanket that can cover the human population (which, non-metaphorically, would be a cuddle celebration).”
                First off, I don’t want “a cuddle celebration” with the entirety of the human population. I once rode a downtown bus after midnight. Nor do I desire a similar festival/tryst with “they.” (However, I could perhaps be tempted by “her,” or “that girl”).
                The site also notes that “’They’ doesn’t assume a person’s gender, and it doesn’t assume there are only two.” The singular “they” doesn’t assume there are “only” two? My brain is racked and my head hurts.
                Think of the effect this mind-bending, politically-correct, ass-hattery would have on liberals’ beloved arts, particularly prose and song lyrics! Here's one example:

 Billy Joel’s “She’s Always A Woman” (becomes They’s Always A Human”)

They can kill with a smile, they can wound with their eyes
They can ruin your faith with they casual lies
And they only reveals what they wants you to see
They hides like a child but they's always a human to me

They can lead you to love, they can take you or leave you
They can ask for the truth but they'll never believe you
And they'll take what you give they as long as it's free
Yeah, they steals like a thief but they's always a human to me

Beautiful and poignant, no? 

And Genesis 1:27 would certainly be improved and clarified:

"God created they in They image, in the image of God they created they; they and they They created them."  

That says it all, doesn't it? 

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