Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Border Closing...And Avocado Prices

                The mainstream media is dead set against the United States getting control of its southern border. At first, it was railing against families being separated, or young ones being detained. It went on to talk about “DREAMERS” ad nauseum. And how certain business interests and farmers on the fruited plain need illegal alien workers to survive. When president Trump seemed generally unmoved by most of these bogus arguments, they moved on themselves. To avocados. I have personally read, seen and heard numerous breathless reports recently boldly stating that, if the president shuts down the border with Mexico, “avocado prices will rise dramatically!”
    My God, I hadn’t thought of that. We are at an impasse, struggling to find a solution which just might not exist. Avocados will be spendier? They are about 2-for-a-buck now, on sale. I don’t think we can countenance them being, maybe, a buck-fifty or two dollars each! Our economy would collapse! Wholesale starvation would take place! Worse yet, Mexican restaurants would shut down!
                Advisor to President Trump: “Well, Mr. President, it would be great to gain control of our own border and slow the flow of drugs and criminals coming across that are wreaking havoc on our nation, and it would be nice to stem the sex-trafficking, but, I’ve gotta tell you, the price of avocados will necessarily skyrocket! Pragmatically, can we afford to do this?”
                WTF?! This is nowhere near as extreme a measure as, say, going to war-- we’d be saving lives not taking them-- yet we’re being told…this?!
                If the mainstream media existed in its current form in days of yore, history might have been very different.

                President Lincoln’s advisors after the attack on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861: “Mr. President, we know you are keen to save the union and maybe even end slavery, but have you considered the effect of a war on…avocado prices?”

   Lincoln: “Going to war with the rebels will raise the price of avocadoes?”

   Advisors: “Well, no sir, but we’re quite sure the price of cotton will soar!”

   President Truman’s advisors, circa 1945: “Sir, we know that having to decide whether to use the A-bomb against the Japanese is already tough enough…and we don’t want to further complicate things, but, with all due respect, have you considered all the angles?”

  Truman: “Such as?”

  Advisors: “If you bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we’re afraid the price of sake will go through the roof!”

 The “mainstream” media-- or “fake news media” as it is more properly called—will do anything to further the agenda it shamelessly and incessantly promotes. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, in which 3,000 innocent souls perished, the U.S. sent troops overseas to hunt down the killers and their terrorist masterminds. Not long after that, many Americans put magnetic bumper stickers on their cars in support of those troops. Not long after that, numerous articles appeared cautioning Americans that these “Support Our Troops” yellow-ribbon magnetic bumper stickers could slightly discolor your vehicle’s finish if left on for years, so it might be better if you just removed them now.
 Note to those in the mainstream media: you yourselves are just another brick in the wall…keeping knowledge from overcoming ignorance, preventing justice from prevailing……and separating Americans from the free and prosperous future they deserve.

 Avocados, my ass. It’s all about demographics.

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