Sunday, April 7, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Putting Those Who Disagree With Her "On A List"

                Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Corleone told her Democratic colleagues that any of them who side with Republicans on matters such as the Green New Deal “are putting themselves on a list.” What kind of list, Alex? Perhaps a “You got a nice family…shame if anything happened to ‘em” list? That a young freshman Representative can come into the House and almost immediately threaten any and all of the more moderate public servants with whom she works against exercising their free will tells you everything you need to know about today’s Democratic Party. AOC is a know-nothing, ditzy bully warning others not to vote their conscience or the will of their constituents, and she should have been told in no uncertain terms to go lay by her dish.
                Since retaking the House, Democrats have redoubled their efforts to shred the Constitution, particularly the Second Amendment. They have put forth a bill to expand federal background checks for firearm purchases, one of which would require checks even in the case of a bird hunter selling his shotgun to his brother. Because, of course, guns are evil and you can’t be too careful. (Those dadgum Iowa pheasant hunters are rivalled only by North Dakota goose hunters in their viciousness and depravity).
                Yet, when Republicans proposed amending the legislation to require that ICE be notified when an illegal immigrant seeks to purchase a gun, progressive Democrats were aghast. Twenty-six moderate Democrats joined Republicans in supporting the amendment, sending the progressives into such a snit, it is a good thing that they weren’t armed, or the House might now be short 26 members.
                Think about that. Progressive Democrats (i.e. almost all Democrats) want much stricter gun control except when it comes to criminals. They think that illegal aliens from wherever shouldn’t be questioned or put on a list, but law-abiding citizens and the few moderate associates from their own party should be.

                Idiocy. Intolerance. Insanity.

                We need expanded background checks on those who would “represent” us.

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