Friday, April 12, 2019

California Taxing Credulity

                Now that Democrats have a virtual monopoly on power in the erstwhile Land of Milk and Honey, they are dead set on further raising taxes on milk and honey. And on guns, oil, gas, automotive batteries, painkillers, tires, snacks, pop, water, and most everything else.
                Except for marijuana. They have a plan to reduce taxes on pot. Why? Because existing taxes and regulations on California’s domestic marijuana industry have led to largescale smuggling and underground production of cannabis, weed that the state can’t tax.
                What are potheads going to do when they get the munchies or need to quench their thirst and find that they can no longer afford to buy food or drink? 
                Democrats in the formerly Golden State are also planning to raise taxes on corporations earning more than $10 million and want to base that tax on how much each corporation pays its CEOs in relation to its average employee. They figure this Rube Goldberg tax scheme will net the state another $2.5 billion, with the “revenue” earmarked for children, meaning the teacher’s unions. (Memo to Democrats: you don’t need to up your bribe money to groups who are going to vote for you no matter what). This new tax, if implemented, would make California surpass New Jersey as the state with the most punitive business taxes.
                If Governor Gavin (“free” health care for illegals) Newsom signs off on these new taxes, California will inarguably become the highest-taxed state in the nation, which would match its title as the state with the highest poverty rate. It’s almost as if there were some kind of correlation. (See also, Venezuela).
                California legislators must have smoked a ton of pot themselves if they can’t figure out that raising taxes on any and all other products (or services) will have the same affect as it did with marijuana. To contemplate raising taxes on a myriad of goods and businesses while at the same time lowering taxes on marijuana defies logic and boggles a sane mind. Whether in the Land of Bilked Money or anywhere else, you get less of what you over-tax and over-regulate and more of what you subsidize.
                If the tax bills pass, there will soon be fewer businesses in California.

                The taxes will be higher, and the citizens will be, too.

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