Wednesday, July 18, 2018


                C-I-S. Cis. As in cisgender. “Referring or relating to people whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.” Cis is a meaningless term/add-on. Why not say ciscisgender or cisciscisgender? It wouldn’t make any damn difference. It would do nothing but make the word longer. It would simply be affirming or reaffirming or re-reaffirming what already is, verifying the meaning the word already holds and conveys.
                Why not speak of cislesbians or cisbisexuals? Cisgender is the opposite of transgender, but the cis is irrelevant, moot, much like Nancy Pelosi. “Sexism” in itself is enough. Sexism is sexism, is it not?
                Dictionaries have now been sullied by words like cissexism: “Prejudice or discrimination against transgender people.” And cisnormativity: “The view that all people are cissexual, i.e. have a gender identity that is the same as their biological sex.”
                Why not take this to its illogical conclusion and say “cistransgender?”
                I’d like to add a few more new words to the lexicon: “cisidiocy” (something notably stupid or foolish) and “cisdepravity,” (the view that depravity is now normative, mainstreamed) among them.
                How do I identify you might well ask yourself, but probably didn’t? I guess you could call me “cisquestioning.”

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