Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Camp Commie

                Summer camp. Many of us have fond memories of blissful days spent at summer camp when we were young. Fishing, hiking, learning to sail or paddle a kayak, sitting around the bonfire eating S’mores and telling scary stories.
    As the years passed, more and more summer camp options were offered. There was Bible camp, sports-specific camps, band camp, and the list goes on.
                And now, Commie Camp! Seriously. The camp’s own website proudly references the name that a visiting moviemaker gave to it in a 2013 film. “Commie Camp” is actually “Camp Kinderland,” a social-justice-themed base located in Tolland, Massachusetts. Recently, pictures were posted on social media showing the kids designing their own Antifa flags. According to a Daily Caller News Foundation report, the kiddies designed nearly 50 different flags for the militant organization, most sporting Antifa’s logo and utilizing its trademark colors of red and black.
                Doesn’t that sound like fun, kids?! I mean, what could be better than making banners for a radical-left-wing group that routinely employs violence and intimidation against anyone with whom it disagrees?! Screw catching fish! What screams “Precious Childhood Memories” louder than social-justice warfare?
                Camp Kinderland touts itself as the “summer camp with a conscience.” Its mission statement reads: “Camp Kinderland is a multicultural summer camp and community that honors our progressive secular Jewish roots through our commitment to economic, racial, and social justice. Kinderland’s summer programming and year around activities integrate progressive values with arts, recreation, and activism in a compassionate and caring environment.”
                Unless you disagree with them, in which case it’s off to Siberia for you.
                And, “secular Jewish roots?” Really? I’ve seen a lot of Antifa protests and rallies, and I don’t recall seeing a preponderance of Jews among them. Maybe it’s all the black garb these protesters wear, but these gatherings look more like a Nation of Islam rally on meth than a collection of Jews self-doubting themselves.
                Kinderland professes to preach values such as “diversity,” “community,” “respect,” and “compassion,” but in reality fosters group-think, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and a nascent respect for thuggery to achieve one’s own (political) goals. It can’t really be labeled a re-education camp, because its attendees are so young, but it is an indoctrination camp.  
                One wonders what other activities the kids partake in.
                “Hey, kids, Ivan here. Remember, tomorrow we’re going to plant a communal garden! Yay! After that, I’ll show you our new outhouse! And, don’t forget, tomorrow night, after our borscht dinner, we’ll sit around the campfire singing Joan Baez songs and telling stories of eeevil capitalist businessmen! Scary, scary! But don’t to worry, we will soon rid the world of Donald Trump types forever, and usher in glorious new day of communal bliss like in, uh, umm, uh……Anyway, won’t that be fun?! Oh, I almost forgot, there is a ‘free library’ on the camp grounds, next to the replica of Lenin’s tomb. It contains such fun books as, ‘Potatoes: From Planting to Peeling,’ ‘Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse Tung,’ and Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto,’ and ‘The German Ideology.’ What have I always told you? That’s right!  You don’t need your mommy! Who’s your favorite commie?’ Ha, ha, ha, ha! Remember, ‘life’s a beach and then we overthrow the bourgeoisie!’”

“Camp Kinderland”

Camp Kinderland
We love you so!
To the motherland
You’ll help us go!
You teach us things
We need to know
(But Not About
The Gulag
Every day
We holler wow!
And drink a toast
To Chairman Mao
This is the way
As you will see
Is history!
Camp Kinderland!! Yay!!!!!!

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