Sunday, July 8, 2018

Fewer Americans Proud

The number of Americans who say they are “extremely proud” to be American and the number of Americans identifying as Christian have been falling for years. The ranks of those U.S. citizens proclaiming to believe in God, period, have been dwindling. However, the number of people who believe in man-caused global warming and the sanctity of gay marriage is rising. One begets the other. They go together. Fewer folks might be proud to be an American, but the quantity of LGBTQ “PROUD!” people is skyrocketing.  
The number of people who believe in limited government and the other founding ideals and principles is also falling, which is why the number of people who believe in bullshit/anything else is rising. Fewer folks believe in tangible things, things that actually exist, and/or are demonstrably true. Consequently, an increasing number of people believe in things that are iffy, or untrue, or that don’t exist. (Tragically, no accurate figures are available for the percentage of adults who currently believe in the tooth fairy).
In a related matter, as the percentage of gay clergy in the Catholic church has swelled, the number of sexual harassment claims has done likewise. Now, some mainline Christian sects are debating whether God is a man, woman or gender-neutral. Perhaps He or She could be transgender! Wouldn’t that be cool?! How woke is that?!
It’s just a matter of time before the ever-aggressive LGBTQ community successfully pressures mainstream religions into open speculation as to whether God Himself/Herself/Itself is gay.
Maybe He or She is questioning, too?
Or maybe we should be questioning ourselves, and our own actions. And the damage political-correctness has done to rational thought and discourse in formerly enlightened Western nations.
I’ll start now. Why is Progressivism the one thing that is never questioned, whether on college campuses, in giant corporation’s boardrooms, or in the supposedly “objective” mainstream media?
 Whatever the answer, the fact is…it isn’t.  Here is another fact: it is leading us into temptation and delivering us unto…evil.     

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