Friday, June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin Says Trump "Broke Me"

                Kathy Griffin has taken the Hillary Clinton Position regarding her own behavior and its consequences: it is everyone else’s fault that I’m in the position I’m in…woe is poor little me!
                Clinton has, at one time or another, blamed almost everyone and almost everything for her crushing loss to Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election. She has, in fact, heretofore cited James Comey, the FBI, the Russians, “anti-American forces,” bad polling numbers, misogyny, cable news, Wikileaks, fake news, and sexism for her loss, and has just recently added “Macedonian content farms” to this robust list.
                Griffin, who was last seen holding up the severed head of the American president in a tasteless and classless photo shoot, has now reacted badly to those who dared to react badly to her deplorable stunt. At a news conference held Friday, June 2nd, she accused the president and his family of embarking on a campaign to destroy her life in response to the bloody image she posted earlier this week of the dismembered commander-in-chief’s visage.
                The “comedienne” broke down in tears while chronicling the abuse she says she has been receiving online and elsewhere. But the plucky wannabe be-header, who has called Trump a "fool," and a "piece of shit," promised that she will not back down from this fight, stating: “I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully.”
                She promptly contradicted herself, however, saying that her career was likely over now as a result of this incident. She then said of President Trump, “He broke me…he broke me…he broke me,” and dissolved into tears. (Well, she tried to cry anyway. The whole escapade was so obviously- and poorly- staged that it was painful to watch). That's funny, Kathy, you were the one holding up his disembodied head. Griffin, 56, also mysteriously declared: “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me!”
                Later in the press conference she said that this would not be happening to her if she was a “white man.”
                If a white man had pulled this stunt on President Obama, his career would have been over, no celebrity would ever again come near him, and people literally would be calling for his head. He would likely do jail time.
                She knew posing for- and posting- this vile picture online would create a controversy. Yet she went from “I am woman, hear me roar!” to sobbing and blaming white men, including the very man she faux dismembered, for causing her distress in less time than it takes Rosie O’Donnell to swallow a jelly donut.
                Lisa Bloom, Griffin’s lawyer, strongly implied at one point in the press conference that regardless of reports, Trump’s son Barron was probably not that upset after seeing the image of Griffin with his dad’s decapitated head. She stated he was “allegedly” traumatized, and said: “We don’t know that. You’re assuming that everything that Trump says is true, and in fact, we know that everything Trump says is false.”
                That’s a lawyer’s statement? No, we’re not assuming that everything Trump says is true. However, stating “we know that everything Trump says is false,” is itself obviously and demonstrably false. Is she a “fake lawyer?” Or is she just trying to create more “fake news?”
                And I wonder, were there herds of college kids running for their safe rooms after seeing this shocking image? No? Why? What if the image had depicted Trump holding up Griffin’s bloody, severed head? Therapists would’ve been working overtime for months.
                Griffin and her lawyer say the statement she was making with the photo was simply an exercise of her free speech rights. Yet they savaged Trump and his family for tweeting about it!

                The age of reason is dead.

                And it’s not that funny, is it?

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