Thursday, June 8, 2017

Crisis? What Crisis? The West Fails To Recognize Two Ongoing Wars

                Regular Joes or Joannes residing in the Western World are in the midst of two wars happening simultaneously. Sadly, that is by no means unprecedented in the annals of world history. What is truly remarkable, is that most of these folks refuse to believe either of them are occurring.
                Committed leftists, progressives, anarchists, et. al., are attempting to bring down the West, and permanently eradicate free market capitalism and any trace of Judeo-Christian values.
                Radical Islam, too, has openly declared war on western countries and Christians in particular. It is surpassingly strange that these two inimical forces are working together to destroy the freest, most decent, enlightened, successful societies the world has ever known. It is even more bizarre and inexplicable that the freest, most decent, enlightened, successful societies the world has ever known appear hell bent on letting them do so.
                Whether it be thugs carrying baseball bats around college campuses looking for those who disagree with them (Evergreen State College, etc.), or jihadis intent on seeing to it that one day the words “the London Bridge is falling down, falling down,” describe a real-life event and don’t just comprise a phrase in a nursery rhyme, they have been stunningly successful.
                We in the West refuse to take our enemies at their word, and decline to acknowledge their actions. We have succumbed to a sort of mental illness and are unable to process the clear nature- and breadth- of the threat the evil odd couple pose. We are still in nearly complete denial of the obvious on two separate fronts, either of which could literally mean the end of Western Civilization. To the extent any threat has been detected, we have decided the best way to deal with it is to do nothing.

                Ironically, the extraordinary tolerance that is a hallmark of these nations provides their enemies their only viable means to vanquish them. 

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