Thursday, June 1, 2017

Minneapolis Mayor Delivers State Of The City Address From Mosque

                Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges recently delivered her State of the City address at the Masjid An-Nur mosque, in a strong show of support for the city’s Muslim community. Hodge wanted to reassure Muslims that she- and the city- stand with them despite the supposed antagonism shown to them by the Trump administration. Hodge stood on a podium in white ankle-length socks, in front of approximately 125 other shoe-less attendees, including 7 of 13 council members.
                She hit all the liberal talking-points, calling for land-use policies that encourage density in order to maintain housing affordability (which actually do the opposite), and asked the city to join the global battle against climate change. She talked about the necessity of ending gun violence across the city, but stated that building trust between police and residents is of primary importance. Mayor Hodges also repeated her commitment to “resist” Trump and stand in the way of his “attack and unfairly targeted policy” against Muslims.

This was one day after the attack on Manchester.

She said: “When Donald Trump comes after any part of our community, he’ll find 419,000 Minneapolitans and me standing squarely in his way. That’s the kind of wall I can support.” How about a wall to stand in the way of radical Islamic terrorists so they can’t keep killing Westerners and Christians with impunity? Would you have stood squarely in the way of those who “unfairly targeted” a group of people attending an Ariana Grande concert, Mayor? Perhaps you should be resisting them.
With all due respect, Mayor (which is none, as you have not afforded any to the president of the United States…to whom you simply referred to as “Donald Trump” in your unfounded attack), President Trump never bombed a music venue. He wants to build a wall to prevent people from getting killed, you ignorant, pandering, politically-correct, soulless bureaucrat.
Hodges, who is running for re-election in November, told the assembled crowd that the city must embrace the discomfort of transformation. “Minneapolis, our shell is cracked. And from that will come the full flower of our potential, whatever we are destined to be. To some, who can only see this moment, it may indeed look like complete destruction. In reality, it is transformation.”
Mayor Hodges made it a point to give her address at Masjid An-Nur, or “Mosque of the Light,” (!) in North Minneapolis, for political reasons. She would never have given the State of the City address at a Lutheran church, or a Catholic one. Or a synagogue. But progressives feel ever freer these days to use city halls to honor Planned Parenthood and mosques to hold “unofficial” (wink, wink!) City Council meetings.

 Mayor Hodges wasn’t just shoe-less when giving this speech. She was clueless, as well. 

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