Saturday, June 24, 2017

"Hate Speech" Or Hate Speech?

                In today’s world, if one disagrees with the views of a leftist, one is guilty of “hate speech.” It doesn’t matter how logically, mildly or sincerely stated, if you hold politically-incorrect views, you will almost certainly be muzzled, prevented from speaking on college campuses and in public spaces, shouted down and called a bigot, homophobe, or worse.
                One person of the non-leftist persuasion was allowed to speak recently at Bethune-Cookman University’s commencement ceremony. Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education, praised the graduating students for their hard work in her address. DeVos, who supports school choice because she fervently believes it is beneficial to minority communities, also talked of the nation’s polarization and called for grace towards each other.
                The students booed and turned their backs on her. Apparently, being for “school choice” is “hate speech.”
                The left actually loves hate when it is used against those who dare to deviate from their dogma. They are open to myriads of different hair colors, sexual orientations and genders, but you had better not differ from them politically.
                It is a virtual clich√© for Democrats and “entertainers” to openly admit they “hate” President Trump. Madonna thought about “blowing up the White House.” Teachers and entertainers have ruminated on assassination possibilities. Leftists openly mock the supposed hillbillies in “flyover country.” Senator Al Franken is coming out with a new book that has an entire chapter dedicated to his hatred of fellow Senator Ted Cruz. And, he has simply stated, “I hate Ted Cruz.”
                But, saying you “hate” someone doesn’t qualify as “hate speech” in leftist circles, if the recipient of the hatred is a non-leftist.
It dawned on me recently that there may be a way to explain the apparent paradox that is the unending tolerance the left shows towards Muslim extremists, vis-√†-vis its total intolerance of conservatives. It is startling how similar many progressive’s world views have become to that of Islamic fundamentalists. Many share a disdain for Christianity. Some literally appear to feel the need to convert, enslave- or kill- conservatives.
Convert? You must believe in man-caused global warming they say. The science is settled. If you don’t you are a dangerous lunatic who may need to be imprisoned. Enslave? Even if your Christian religious beliefs dissuade you from paying for abortions or participating in a gay marriage ceremony, we will force you to do so under penalty of law. And you have no right to defend yourselves, either. We’re going to repeal the Second Amendment someday, someway, so help us Gaia!
Kill, really? Really. (I wrote this before James Hodgkinson attempted to murder as many Republicans as possible on a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia, recently. Eerie.).
Is there a comedian, entertainer, school teacher, professor or thespian that hasn’t publicly or privately acted out the beheading or assassination of President Trump recently?
Just as those on the left claim only white people can be racist, they now essentially claim that only conservatives, whom they openly hate, are capable of hate speech.
It is time to rid ourselves of the agony of deceit. It is time to confront the thugocracy. No matter what. The only alternative is absolute deconstruction- and the total destruction- and dissolution- of the United States of America and Western society.


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