Monday, June 26, 2017

Dennis Rodman Calls Kim Jong Un "A Friendly Guy"

                Former NBA thug Dennis Rodman has returned from another visit to that noted bastion of frivolity, North Korea. Rodman offered up praise for the country, calling it “modernized” and opining that its people are “happy.”
                He stated: “People don’t see the good side about that country.” Rodman went so far as to characterize Kim Jong Un, the Hermit Kingdom’s brutal dictator, as “a friendly guy.”
                “We sing karaoke. It’s all fun. Ride horses, everything.” (What the hell would the 6'7" former NBA thug and the 5'7" brutal dictator be singing, Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings?).
                Rodman admitted that he doesn’t “look at the political side” of Kim Jong Un, and that his visits to the nation are about sports, not politics.
                Calling North Korea “modernized” is quite a stretch in itself, although it is feverishly attempting to modernize its nuclear weapons program. Calling its citizens “happy, ” however, is akin to saying the Jews in Dachau were “content.”
                I doubt the families of those Kim Jong Un has assassinated, a number of whom were torn apart by starving dogs and others blown to smithereens by anti-aircraft gunfire, consider him to be particularly affable.
                If Mr. Rodman were around during World War II, I’m sure he would have returned from visiting the Third Reich touting the gaiety of Adolph Hitler: “We sang, we danced the schottische and the polka, we ate streuselkuche and drank St. Pauli Girl, went to soccer matches…it was a gas, man!”
                “Of course, I wasn’t looking at the political side. I was just there for sports.”
                (National Review’s Rob Long has a page in the bi-weekly magazine titled, “The Long View.” He often uses it to parody a potential Dear Leader twitter account, calling it: “From the Twitter Feed of Kim Jong Un, @youthcaptain.” It is worth the read!)


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