Monday, June 5, 2017

High School Yearbook Features Anti-Trump Section

                Brainerd, Minnesota, High School’s Class of 2017 school yearbook is certainly a sign of the times. It has a section titled, “Trump 2K17-2K20? How do you feel about him?”
                Well, one student declared, “I would like to behead him. I do not like him.” That sounds like something an evil, crazed Dr. Seuss character would say. “I do not like him, (Son of) Sam, I am!”  When are you joining the jihad? Maybe Kathy Griffin got her idea from this guy. It seems like almost everyone wants to behead Trump these days.
                Another student opined: “I feel like Donald is very racist and sexist and doesn’t care to give people a chance before knowing them.”
“Donald?” That student must feel like he knows the president very well, indeed. Ironic, since he’s not giving Trump a chance even though he’s never met him.
The Brainerd Dispatch first reported this story, leading the school district to post a statement on its website bemoaning the student’s “highly disrespectful statements” about “political figures.” Political figures? Political figure. The president of the United States of America.
The statement read, “The district does not support or otherwise endorse any disrespectful or politically based statements that are in the yearbook and apologizes for the statements that were included.” The district also said it is investigating how the section came to be published. Hmm.
The Dispatch article pointed out that President Trump won the public school’s mock election last fall, beating Hillary Clinton by a wide margin. But, of course, even in high school, liberals control the media, and therefore the message.
There’s another example of your tax dollars at work, folks. Taxation without representation? We no longer care enough to rise above our laziness and fear.

And that is how things like this come to be published.

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