Friday, June 23, 2017

School District's Talent Show Includes Lewd Drag Queen Act

                A New York City school district talent show held May 25th reached a chaotic climax when kids as young as 5-years-old were exposed to an erotic drag-queen performance. The New York Daily News said the act was “complete with gyrations, tongue gymnastics and a flashed G-string.”
                Parents were understandably shocked and enraged that the district thought it was okay to feature an adult male in drag spreading his legs and displaying his crotch area in a talent show primarily of and for school children.
                One parent told the Daily News, “I left the show the minute he started sticking his tongue out. I had my children with me and I wasn’t going to allow them to see that.”
                At one point, the drag queen dropped down on “her” stomach and began writhing and thrusting in a lewd and suggestive manner, then turned over and opened and closed “her” legs while crossing and re-crossing them. A number of people started yelling- and some left the auditorium- at this juncture, though a few could be heard laughing and applauding. Many parents said, had they only known the salacious performance was going to occur, they would have taken their kids out after they had performed.
                Incredibly, in sign number 1,278 of the coming apocalypse, reports state that the school district’s talent show was emceed by District Four Superintendent Alexandra Estrella, and the drag queen was the president of the Public School 96 Parent Association.
                How could this possibly have happened? What relevance did the “act” have to a school talent show? Why would a school district or school board allow such a thing? Was there some sort of “message” being sent?
                Raquel Morales, one of the parents appalled by the display, told Todd Starnes of Fox News: “The school district told me the performance was about LGBT awareness.”


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