Tuesday, June 27, 2017

American Colleges Engaging In Graduation Apartheid

                 Harvard held a special “Latin X” ceremony for its graduating Latino students. Columbia University hosted a separate commencement ceremony for students who were the first in their families to earn a degree. And the University of Delaware so wanted people to be well aware of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender graduating students that it offered them a special “Lavender” ceremony, too.
                This puts a chill into the old “melting pot,” doesn’t it?
                Out of one…many?! Screw assimilation, bring on balkanization! Funny, the left attributes Islamic terror in large part to the fact that the West hasn’t done enough to assimilate the mostly young, male Muslims in its midst. Now, it is rapidly un-assimilating its own youth! You can’t make it up. (I didn’t use that phrase much in the not-too-distant past…there was no need to. Now, I find myself thinking, saying, or writing it several times a day).
                Where will this new multicultural trend end? Will we hold separate graduating ceremonies for Albanian students? For those who are the first in their families to get a degree in Women’s Studies? Perhaps the glassgendered (“a gender that is very sensitive and fragile;” look it up) deserve their own observance? No, that would be redundant. The omnigendered? Those who were born on a Tuesday? Those who are one-quarter Native American? (Sorry, Elizabeth Warren). What about separate commemorations for high-school Muslims matriculating? Don’t bi-sexual mulattoes named “Pat” deserve their own rites, in their own right? And why are we only celebrating grads? That seems awfully exclusive. Shouldn’t we be equally supportive of those who don’t or can’t finish school? Surely they need their own ceremony.
                One thing is for sure: we won’t be seeing separate ceremonies for college Republicans.
                We are all glassgendered now.


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