Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Muslim Group Calls For Taxpayer-Funded Safe Spaces

                An Australian group, the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), which claims to represent some 200,000 Muslims, has proposed the creation of taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” for young members of the Religion of Peace. The ICV says the community suffers from mental health issues as well as other problems because of the widespread suspicion it faces over fears of radical Islamic terror. The group said such unsurveilled safe havens would allow young Muslims a forum to safely express “inflammatory views that would cause trouble if voiced publicly.”
                Talk about chutzpah!
                Radical Islamists are continually killing “infidels” all over the world, in parks and public spaces, in concert halls and private businesses, and members of their religion want taxpayers whose countrymen are being slaughtered in their religion’s name to pay for places where they can safely express “Inflammatory views that could cause trouble if voiced publicly?!” What might those be? It certainly wouldn’t be inflammatory to call for the repudiation of violence.
                Where the hell were/are the safe spaces for the over 14,000 people killed or injured in the 953 Islamic terror attacks committed so far this year alone? And, if any group needs and deserves taxpayer-funded safe spaces going forward it is conservatives.
                It is nothing less than stunning how tolerant people in the West have been of Islam. It is nothing less than disgusting when people of that faith claim to be victims, and are avowedly confused as to why they are sometimes subject to a little bit of scrutiny (though obviously not enough).
                There has been no reason to be the least bit concerned about the potentially deadly intentions of the Amish or the Hutterites. Hasidic Jews have not routinely committed acts of terror around the world in recent memory. Lutherans haven’t bombed concert halls and Catholics haven’t been strapping nail-bombs to their youth and sending them into public places to martyr themselves by blowing up scores of innocent bystanders.
                I’m pretty sure Japan didn’t call for taxpayer-funded safe spaces for those of the Shinto faith living in America after It bombed Pearl Harbor.

                If we in the West are so weak, gullible and ignorant as to follow through with “proposals” such as the ICV’s…we deserve our fate. 

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