Sunday, June 4, 2017

President Trump Opts Out Of Climate Accord

                President Donald Trump made a historically courageous decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Accord. In doing so, he not only saved the jobs and livelihoods of countless Americans, but exhibited real leadership that has been lacking in the American presidency since the days after 9/11.
                In making this momentous decision, he went against the wishes of most of the world’s leaders, the Pope, some giant international business conglomerates, scores of pseudo-scientists, assorted leftists, cranks and pokenoses, and even some of his own advisors. This was akin to President Reagan standing down the “Evil Empire” (a phrase he was strongly advised not to use) at the height of the Cold War. This is an injection of sanity (from Trump!) in a world gone mad. Unlike Neville Chamberlain, he didn’t take the easy way out and proclaim “Peace in our time!” while waving a signed “agreement” in the air.
                We recently saw the end of the Barnum & Bailey circus, called “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Perhaps Trump’s decision to opt out of the climate accord will be the beginning of the end of “The Greatest Sham on Earth,” the climate change hoax. The climate has always been changing, ever since it, too, was created via the “Big Bang,” which humans didn’t have control over, either. Mastodons and tar pits in what are now northern climes. Ice age followed by rapid warming followed by ice age…this has been the norm. Sun, clouds, day, night, winter, summer, storms, to say nothing of tectonic plate movements, etc., have been a feature of the Earth since there was one.
                As Mark Steyn said recently, progressives believe “’We can’t enforce the border. People are going to be coming in anyway.’ But if you say to them, ‘We can control the very heavens,’ that, we can do. And it’s actually literally insane.” Yep, we can’t build a wall to protect our southern border, but we can control the Earth’s temperature.
                The President is, of course, being assaulted from all sides for his decision, as he knew he would be. Everyone, foreign and domestic, is taking shots at him. Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer called Trump’s decision “a traitorous act of war against the American people,” which, of course, is exactly the opposite of reality, a tactic the left uses often and well.
                The German newspaper Berliner Kurier used the vulgar headline: “Earth to Trump: F**K You!” on its front page, in response to President Trump’s action. Just real, unbiased news there, right?

                Truer headlines would have read, “Trump to would-be global dictators: F**k You!” And…

                “Trump to Americans: Promise Kept!” And…

                “Trump to Earth: Carry On!”

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