Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump Last One Standing, Wins GOP Contest

                 Remarkably, the Republican Party instituted a progressive and utterly unique “stand-up bingo” format for their presidential nomination process this past year, whereby virtually every eligible Republican in the nation was invited to stand up and run for president. Notions of equality and inclusiveness ran amok. Talk about a big tent! The party had women candidates, black candidates, Latino candidates, governors, Congressmen, representatives of eastern states, central states, western states, southern states and northern states. Captains of industry, surgeons and beauty contest hosts were included all. The Democrats, on the other hand, fielded two old, white exceedingly liberal hags. Ironic, based on current rhetoric, isn’t it?
                Tension gradually built over time as numbers were called out and seemingly dozens at a time were forced to sit. “Oh-69” ironically wiped out most of those standing on the coasts, while “Oh-74” did in many in the Nixon wing of the GOP.
                After several numbers were called, a few observers complained that Donald Trump had obtained many more cards than any of the other candidates. This did not, however, stop Trump from claiming that the “process was rigged” against him.
                Eventually, when the number of contestants was culled to a near manageable level, there was much debate over who had the best cards and whose hands were big enough to hold them properly. After the field was reduced to just a handful of prospective nominees, many were openly talking of a “contested” game, wherein the last two, three or four standing might all be forced to sit at the same time. Observers and pundits debated over what would happen in that event. This being a winner-take-all contest, chaos would reign and rule-makers might be tempted to step in and determine the winner, essentially rendering the contest a sham.
                Therefore, many folks were on pins and needles when celebrity guest color-commentator Megyn Kelly of Fox News asked, “Does anyone have just one left?” The Donald, Cruz and Kasich could be seen still upright and furtively eyeing each other. Finally, early on the evening of May 3rd, a Hoosier-state bingo-campaign arbiter called out “B-1.”  Cruz and Kasich sat. The Donald remained erect. The game was over.

                The Trump card(s) had prevailed. 

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