Saturday, May 21, 2016

American Woman Detained For "Insulting" U.A.E.

                 A 25-year-old American woman appeared in a Dubai court recently on misdemeanor charges for allegedly insulting the United Arab Emirates in public while waiting for a taxi at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. (Chill out, assholes, the U.S. routinely and ‘un-allegedly’ gets insulted by various people and entities around the world, but we can take it). This isn't the first incident of its kind. In 2013, a 29-year-old U.S. citizen from Minnesota was tried under a cyber-crimes law and accused of defaming the country’s image abroad for posting a spoof video online about youth culture in the U.A.E. He spent nine months in prison before being deported and fined $2,700.
                What should happen is this: Every American citizen traveling through the Middle East and/or communist countries/ dictatorships should receive a blanket amnesty from the president of the United States clearly stating that it is permitted for the named individual to make fun of, mock and “disrespect” the President of the United States and otherwise have fun at the expense of said states without any significant  repercussions whatsoever. They already have that right, in essence, thanks to the First Amendment. Therefore, we expect that in the interest of reciprocity, international comity and world peace, they will be granted the same license in all foreign lands. This won’t be the case, of course, as many tyrants/governments are so pathetic, tyrannical and cowardly that they will refuse to do so for fear of…hearing things that they don’t want to hear.
                A good litmus test is this: if your king, Emir, president or government wants to Kill or imprison somebody simply for “making fun” of them or it, then they- or it- don’t/doesn’t deserve to hold power.

                And that’s no joke.

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