Monday, May 9, 2016

A Man's "Right To Choose?"

                    Many women are “pro- choice.” A “woman’s right to choose” is so ubiquitous a mantra, one would think it could be found in the Constitution…or perhaps the Bible.
                    In the interest of fairness, inclusiveness and equality, where is the “men’s rights” movement? Where are those folks who tout a “man’s right to choose?” Isn’t it his choice to wear a condom… or not wear one? What if a man doesn’t want his girlfriend/wife to have an abortion and she decides to have one anyway? What if she wants to “keep” her child, but he wants her to abort it?  Shouldn’t we codify and enforce the man’s “right to choose?”
                   What if he decides she needs to be slapped or spanked? Obviously, it’s his choice, and he’s not even trying to kill anyone, unlike the woman pursuing an abortion.
                   In reality, we know that the man usually doesn’t get to make any of these choices. Hell, he doesn’t even get to decide where the sofa goes. In these decisions a “tie” goes to the female. Our society doesn’t question any of this.
                  But, what if, via a religious epiphany, he becomes a devout Muslim and thereafter decides that his wife can’t work outside of the home or have anything but her eyes showing while in public?
                  In this case- and this case only- liberals, feminists and progressives in general somehow seem to think this poses a painful and difficult “tolerance conundrum.”

                  Liberalism- as it is currently conceived and defined- is a mental disorder.

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