Saturday, May 14, 2016

Father-Daughter Dance Called "Not Inclusive Enough"

                The annual father-daughter dance at Brockman Elementary School in Columbia, South Carolina has been cancelled because it “isn’t inclusive enough.” This is ridiculous. The event could easily have been titled the “father-daughter-mother-gay cousin-transgender friend-Islamic terrorist-transsexual-transspecied-horse-dog-Satanist-Hillary supporter-dance,” but it wasn’t, because they wanted it to be a bleeping father-daughter dance! Okay, assholes? Therefore, adding any other groups would be overly inclusive, understand?
                Should all the gay pride parades around the country be cancelled because they aren’t inclusive enough? I, personally, am offended as hell that they don’t open them up to staunch conservatives, committed heterosexuals and Family Research Council members in the name of inclusiveness. Perhaps the National Organization for Women (NOW) can chill out and expand a bit, as well. How is it even “permissible” for an organization to be called that now? “Our group is only for women, not men, ha, ha, boys!” What about inclusiveness, bitches? Wouldn’t it be better if your organization was called the ‘National Organization for Anyone Who Wants To Join?’ Would this not set a better example of inclusiveness and tolerance?  
                Here’s a puzzler for those of you with liberal minds (pardon the oxymoron, morons) to ponder: Should men who “identify” as women be allowed to join NOW?

                If not, explain why.

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