Sunday, May 15, 2016

President Obama Nonchalant About Terrorism, Goes Off Half-Cocked About Firearms

                 President Obama often seems oddly nonchalant and sanguine when addressing the problem of Islamic terrorism. At times he seems completely out-of-touch with his fellow American’s concerns in this regard. Aides say that his “approach” reflects his belief that “overreacting” to a terrorist attack only “elevates” extremist groups and exaggerates their influence.
                More to the point, however, the President actually appears to believe that the terrorist threat is overstated and that the focus on it could become self-paralyzing and an excuse to adopt “misguided” policies. Yes, such as those that would protect Americans at the expense of terrorists.
                Obama’s aides take every opportunity to note that more Americans are killed by gun violence than terrorist attacks. This would be a good argument…for a seven-year-old. Terrorists themselves have used guns to kill many of their victims. Most crimes, whether committed by guns or other weapons, have historically been stopped by guns, and only guns, or the threat of their use. No precise statistics are available to support this fact, however, and the media is utterly disinterested in reporting on anything positive pertaining to firearms.
                While nearly all gun crimes are quickly or eventually ended by the brandishing and/or use of guns, no acts of terrorism are deliberately ended or prevented by terrorists.
                Talk about dis-ingenuousness. It is not the NRA that is purely agenda-driven.
                It is stupefying how many people are too biased or ignorant to admit these obvious facts.


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