Saturday, May 28, 2016

Man Petitions Court For Restraining Order Against God

                 According to the, an Israeli man, a resident of the northern port city of Haifa, petitioned that city Magistrate’s Court for a restraining order…against God. He claimed that the Almighty had been particularly and unusually unkind to him. The petitioner, who was not named in the hearing’s protocol, represented himself in court. The report stated that the Heavenly Father did not attend the session, though this is, to my mind, pure speculation of the most baseless kind. Is not God everywhere and all-knowing?
                The aggrieved party said that he had tried to obtain the restraining order from police for the past three years, but that police had merely sent a patrol car to his home on several occasions. He claimed that God had evinced an extremely negative attitude toward him over a three-year period, though no details or specific examples were cited in the report.
                The presiding judge denied the request, terming it “ludicrous,” a sign that perhaps God was there, at least in spirit.
                        The truth is that we humans, around the world, have ludicrously been attempting to put a collective restraining order on God in recent years. In the West, we routinely take His name in vain. Jesus, His only begotten Son, is continually mocked and portrayed in the vilest and/or most cavalier of ways in cinema, on television and in “pop-music.” He is literally blasphemed and made the butt of jokes. Those who choose to follow Him are often portrayed as hicks from the hinterlands, “clinging to their God and guns.” Anyone who purports to believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, or who gives a nod to the Old Testament, is considered a nut case. In some instances, they are now even being fined and thrown in jail for “hate speech.”
                The desire for an adherence to certain standards of behavior and the belief in right and wrong offends a great many people.

                 Islamic extremists are truly intolerant and are killing Christians at a record pace in the Middle East, Africa and even in the West. This version of perversion- of the ultimate contempt for decency and humanity- must be even less pleasing to the Almighty.

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