Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three California Youth State They Are Transaged, Sue To Be Allowed Into Adult Movie Theater

 June 1, 2016
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                In a sure-to-be landmark case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, San Francisco, has ruled in favor of three California youth who recently sued to gain admittance to a XXX movie theater. The boys, ranging in age from 11-13 years old, solemnly stated that they “identify” as 23-year-old trans-genders, and thus could not reasonably be refused entry into the adult cinema. “Pat,” one of the transgender youngsters adults, who goes by the name “Pat,” claims that allowing trans-aged, trans-genders into theaters showing “adult movies” will make everyone feel “more comfortable, included and respected.”

                Pat and his friends are also suing two liquor stores and a Super America for, respectively, refusing to sell them a bottle of cherry vodka, a case of light beer and a pack of menthol cigarettes.

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