Monday, May 23, 2016

Obama Administration Asks Universities To Refer To Criminals As "Justice-Involved Individuals"

                The Obama administration has created yet another euphemism in an attempt to cover up, excuse, protect and defend...criminals and their behavior. In a directive sent to colleges and universities recently, Education Secretary John King discouraged the schools from asking applicants if they were convicted criminals. An accompanying pamphlet was sent along with this request. The pamphlet was titled, "Beyond the Box: Increasing Access to Higher Education for Justice-Involved Individuals."
       This could be the 'euphemism-of-the-decade,' no mean feat given some of the current administration's other doozies, such as 'man-caused violence.'
       You got it: rapists, burglars, pedophiles, drug-dealers, terrorists and their ilk no longer deserve to be labeled criminals. They are simply "involved with justice" in some way. Makes 'em sound more altruistic than the rest of us, doesn't it?

        'President of the United States' is another euphemism currently en-vogue. It is used to describe Barack Obama, a 'justice-involved' individual.

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