Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Natural Law Repealed?!

                The socialists/progressives that are increasingly in control of the united States summarily dismiss God. The Ten commandments? Out. School prayer? Out. “Under God” out- if the Pledge of Allegiance is even said at all anymore. Christian symbols of any type in the public square? See ya’! Christmas tree? No. “Holiday Tree.” Merry Christmas? No, we say “Happy Holidays” in enlightened society.

                Marriage should be between two people whom God made capable of reproducing the species by blessing them with perfectly complimentary parts? Laughable. Born male or female and don’t like it? No problem, we can make you whatever sex gender (of the Heinz 57 or so varieties currently listed on Face-book, etc.) you prefer at the moment.

                We can do this because we want to take the place of the God we dismiss as inflexible, sexist and ‘old school’. We are progressive. We know better. We know what is best for everyone.

 The United States was uniquely founded on the recognition of “nature and nature’s God.” Natural Law. Natural Law has done more for the advancement of mankind’s freedom than any and all other concepts put together.

                 And now, progressives want to repeal this sacred and most transcendent of all Laws.

They can mock or imprison us. They can audit us and call us names (“Tea-baggers” comes to mind for some reason), they can stop us from speaking to the people, but it is not in their power to repeal this  Law.

                Claiming to have  God-like powers doesn’t make you God.

                Maybe you should  try “banning” climate change first.


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