Saturday, October 11, 2014

What If... Molly Ivins Was President?

                I was rummaging through a file-box of old newspaper articles recently when I came across a “doozy”. The article, titled “Ignoring the real threats to national security” was written by Molly Ivins of the Creators Syndicate and was published in the Friday, February 23rd, 2001 Minneapolis Star & Tribune.

                It started out “Darn it. Last week was National Security Week- Karl Rove said so- and I was so busy pointing out the idiocies of George W. Bush’s tax cut that I missed the whole thing. However, it is painfully clear the new administration folks wouldn’t know a threat to national security from the ‘Waltz of the Flowers’. They propose yet another blue-ribbon commission to study what to do about the military. Their only other idea is to spend at least $50 billion on the perfectly useless National Missile Defense system to protect us from the North Koreans, who have a warhead but no heat shield for it, rendering it slightly moot as a weapon.

                Meanwhile, the hopelessly retro Bush defense team- I’ve never seen so many retreads in my life, from Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Daddy (?)- are Cold Warriors all.

                Look, this is really simple. The single greatest threat to the national security of the United States is the rapidly deteriorating global environment.

                National Missile Defense does not do a thing to protect us from global warming.
                If we were being invaded by aliens from space, we would react more intelligently than this. At least we'd recognize it as a national-security threat."


                Wow. Where to start? Fortunately not many people read Molly Ivins’ articles anymore, or at least drink her ignorant liberal Kool-Aid. What a staggering arrogance- the arrogance of the ignorant- she exhibits. She knows the real threats to our security and how dumb our tax policy is. She thinks spending money on a missile defense system is insane. Apparently she hadn’t heard of the Gulf War or the Patriot Missile system. Good thing somebody kept spending at least a little money on these weapons system, for the “Iron Dome” missile defense shield has worked well lately protecting Israel.

                North Korea now has their heat shield. I don’t know how one calls Nixon, Ford, Reagan, & Daddy "retreads".

                She starts one paragraph out with the line “If compassion is beyond you…” you see, it’s not ‘beyond’ her, it’s beyond Republicans.

                An earlier paragraph referred to the ‘Bushies’ blindness.

                And the final paragraph reads “Even in the Texas Legislature they know it is from time to time necessary to rethink their ‘pryroarities’.” Ha, ha, ha, love making fun of ethnic and regional dialects and perceived intelligences or lack thereof!

                How ironic. Less than 7 months before 9/11 she was claiming there was no reason to be spending money to upgrade our military,  missile defense systems were not needed and was insinuating that ‘W’ wouldn’t have a clue how to keep us safe. Sure he might fight a ‘bad guy’ but not understand the big picture. Like Al Gore, perhaps?!
                When global warming flew those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, eviscerating over 3,000 lives, what did George W. "Bushie" do? For that matter, when climate-change beheads Westerners today, what do we do?

                Look, this is really simple. The single greatest threat to the national security of the United States...and to the future of this planet... are people who hold Molly Ivins' views!


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