Friday, October 31, 2014

Total Eclipse of the Sun?

                Human caused global warming is one of the biggest threats of our time, correct? After all, we are responsible for the industry that sends all those greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, right? And we engineered the cow, with their horrible greenhouse gas expanding flatulence!

                Well, let’s see. What countries are currently thought to be the biggest contributors to global warming, greenhouse gas emissions/climate change? China and the U.S.

                What was the high temperature in the capitols of these two nations on October 25th, 2014? In Beijing (City) it was 74 degrees. Pleasant. Coincidentally, in Washington, D.C. it was also 74 degrees. Very pleasant. If you went back 10 years, you’d  find reasonably similar temperatures in both cities for this date. Or if you went back 50 years. Or one hundred. Or two hundred. This despite the fact that we’ve put millions upon millions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere since then. Sure, the high might have been 80 one year and 50 another in either or both of these cities, but that’s about the range of their temperature “extremes.”

                I ask you, what would be the  temperature in these two cities now- and everywhere else on planet earth- if there was no sun?

                Only in our own benighted minds does man’s “power”  eclipse  the sun.

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