Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Revelation: Israel is David, Not Goliath

                                           Revelation: Israel is David, Not Goliath

                Anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head again recently. It is on the rise and nearly unchecked around the world. Incredibly, after the holocaust, Jew-hating is becoming a bloodsport once again. The august body of the United Nations is partly responsible, but, as usual, it is Islamic extremism that is at the forefront of the hatred. Many leftist intellectuals (I believe that is an oxymoron) heap hate upon Israel as well…even while claiming to be against hate speech and for the broadest tolerance of diversity of opinion, religion, sexual orientation and things not yet imagined.

                This tiniest of nations is an unparalleled success on nearly every imaginable front, and this drives Islamists and others of her detractors crazy. Especially because it was largely a non-descript, unproductive swamp under the Ottomans, Jordanians and Egyptians.

                Recently, many cities in Europe have experienced anti-Israel demonstrations that included such signs as “Kill The Jews” and “Hitler Was Right.”

                Even in the United Kingdom, more than half the population say Israel is the number one threat to world peace! (Apparently, the Brits didn’t liberate any concentration camps). Europe will soon be politically and culturally dominated by Muslims, as there doesn’t appear to be any entity strong enough- or with the will- to stop them. Was one holocaust with 6 million Jews killed not enough?

                Israel is in existential danger. Mortal peril. She has one true friend in the world and that friend has just exited…stage left, and  decided that maybe it won’t be so bad if Iran gets the nuclear bomb after all.

                How could this possibly have happened? Israel the number one threat to world peace?! I thought all the world- and especially the leftists- loved an underdog. What country has Israel tried to take over? Do they have designs on Japan…France? They don’t even keep the territory of nearby terrorist states that try to destroy them… after they defeat them!

                Israel is an isolated “iota” of a nation. A true oasis. A tiny isle  surrounded by a vast desert sea of hate and depravity, and the only democracy in the Middle East. It is virtually the same size as the state of New Jersey.

                Biblically, historically, morally, logically, strategically…we need to help the David that is Israel in her struggle against  Goliath.




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