Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola and Excalibur

                Excalibur, a dog belonging to an Ebola-infected Spanish nurse, was euthanized  this past October the 8th.  This was done as a preventative measure as studies have shown that dogs can become infected with the disease.

                There is a growing world-wide furor over the potential for spreading this deadly disease, yet this pales in reaction to the furor over the dog being sacrificed. Protesters and animal rights activists surrounded the Madrid home of the nurse and her husband.

                The dog’s plight started an online frenzy. Incredibly, more than 350,000 people signed the petition to save Excalibur’s life.

                At the time, 150,000 people had signed a petition calling on the Food and Drug Administration to fast-track research on potential vaccines and treatments for Ebola. And nowhere have I read about concern for the nurse or her other family members. Strangely, there were no ‘human rights’ activists protesting around her house.

                I love dogs, I truly do. It would be hard for any decent person to have their beloved pet put down.

                Excalibur was, however, 12 years old; that’s roughly 84 in dog years. (Under Obamacare he’d have been subject to ‘death panels’. No money would’ve been spent on procedures to save him  this late in life were he a human).

                Our ability to think clearly and logically and to prioritize properly has been impaired. Our moral compass is not on ‘true north’ anymore. It would probably prove impossible to get 350,000 signatures on a petition to praise George Washington. It might be there aren’t 350,000 souls that know he was the first President of the United States.

                Poor Excalibur.

                 It is the left’s ‘value-system’ that should be euthanized.


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