Monday, October 6, 2014

The Real Bullies

                Minnesota has embarked on a new “anti-bullying” campaign in its public schools. The State High School League (all first letters capitalized, genuflect please) is considering a policy that would allow “transgender”  athletes  to play on either the boys or girls teams based on their chosen gender identity. (Until very recently the term transgender was not found in any dictionaries, abridged or not).

                The many anti-bullying efforts at various levels across the nation’s school systems are almost invariably targeted at protecting gays and lesbians. And now transgendered youth. I have personally witnessed bullying in many forms that has not only gone unpunished, but unnoticed by school officials. It has typically been directed at straight students,  “nerds”, and “goody-two-shoes” religious types, among others. Maybe some band members, as well. These kids are not members of the protected class, so it is open season on them.

                In fact, incredibly, these self-righteous faculty themselves are sometimes the perpetrators of the bullying, the shaming, the demeaning. Kids are told they can’t wear a shirt with a picture of a hunting rifle on it, can’t bring a Swiss Army knife to school. Students have been sent home for wearing a patriotic shirt and suspended for saying God Bless you after a classmate sneezes. Some have been given dirty looks for wearing a cross around their neck or told they can’t even have visible symbols of Christianity on them.  One student was mocked and taunted by her teacher for wearing a George W. Bush tee-shirt. Told that this was a “Democratic” school. (Check the parking lot and see how many faculty member’s cars on these public grounds have pro Obama bumper-stickers on them. 50%?).

                Who are the real bullies?

                And now the overwhelming majority of students are likely going to be forced to accept that transgendered kids are just as deserving of playing on boys teams as girls teams. Even using the phrase transgendered kids is distressing. Where are they on the continuum of changing from birth gender to the opposite- or complimentary if you prefer- gender? Bathrooms, locker rooms, contact sports?


                Kids are notorious for changing their minds. What if they want to change their gender back? Where does it end?

                By-the-way, I have chosen Bengal Tiger as my preferred species identity. I haven’t determined what sex I’m going to be though.

                I just wanted to be on a protected list.

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