Thursday, October 9, 2014

Days of Freedom Past

                The overt persecution of conservatives and their ideas continues unabated. Activists in Wisconsin attacking Scott Walker, the preposterous indictment of Texas governor Rick Perry, the attempts to ban conservative groups’ advertisements in several states, the IRS harrassment and many other leftist/progressive actions vividly illustrate their desire to stamp out the first amendment. There is, clearly, a deep and growing animus among the left towards the Constitution of the United States of America. In fact, under the spurious ruse of campaign-finance reform  Democrats are now pushing a ‘constitutional amendment’ that would give the congress the power to censor everything from books and movies to newspapers and television commercials!

                They propose to create a federal sensor to suppress criticism of the government, elected officials, and office seekers.  Is that chilling enough? Putin shouldn’t antagonize the U.S. at this juncture. It’s needless. We are becoming Russia. Wait a few more years, V.P., and we might just join you in complete intolerance of dissent and a desire to annex less powerful nations. (Maybe we can divvy up Poland).

                 Don’t believe it?  Rochester Institute of Technology professor Lawrence Torcello is on record as saying that we should “jail those who don’t believe in global warming.” Jail those who don’t believe. Should we jail those who don’t believe in the tooth fairy as well? Should we jail those who don’t believe in Christianity? Jail those who don’t believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman? Jail those who do?

                In fairness, it should be pointed out that this is not the most outlandish statement of leftist intolerance I’ve come across…even on the subject of global warming/cooling/climate change/ lack of change/ change in the rate of change/lack of change in the rate of change.  There is a professor- of “Systematic Musicology” no less- at the University of Graz in Austria who wrote that climate change “deniers” should be executed.

                Global warming is the biggest “science-based” fraud since eugenics. And if the Austrian professor of “Systematic Musicology” has his way, it will share at least one of its “remedies”.

                When the United States Constitution (that musty but fungible old ‘living document’ in statists eyes) and its Amendments/ Bill of Rights are destroyed, and the last 47 people on Earth who understand the  concept of Natural Law expire… global freedom expires with them.

                Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba? The Axis of Evil.

                Switzerland, Sweden, Costa Rica, Ireland, Jordan? Nice countries all, but not going to foster and protect freedom around the globe.

                As radio host, author and commentator Dennis Prager has so astutely observed, the future of the world will be decided between three ideologies…secular humanism or progressive/leftist beliefs, Islam and Shariah, and (founding) “American” beliefs/values. In a tragic and almost indescribable irony, Americans are rapidly giving up (or are no longer being taught so don’t even recognize)  their own founding values. Leftists do not tolerate “American” values, but do, incredibly, tolerate Islamic beliefs that are virtually antithetical to their own ( the stoning of homosexuals, keeping women veiled and barefoot and pregnant, not allowing them to work or drive, etc.). And Islamist extremists don’t tolerate “American” or secular beliefs, and in fact will exterminate them whenever possible.

                Unless something changes, there is only one way this scenario can play out.

                Radical Islamists and Intolerant, hypocritical, politically-correct , brutal statist thugs will always win unless people who believe in real freedom are willing- always and forever- to be called every nasty name in the book,  to be shouted down and to be harassed and even jailed or killed.

                To sacrifice their lives, fortune and sacred honor.

                To begin the world anew. Once more.





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